Just inform Me, Please!

  • Inform me. I do not wish to be convinced,
    • Manipulated, advertised, or coerced.
  • Inform me, please!  Anymore treads on
    • My rights to decide freely independently.
  • Today the world surrounds me
    • With those who wish me to their bidding.
  • Buy this!  Buy that!
    • Do this, not that!
  • I am deluged with mail, television,
    • Telephone, friends and even foes.
  • I yearn for freedom
    • From these parasites.
  • Yes, parasites, they live on the carcasses
    • Of people previously convinced,
    • Manipulated or coerced.
  • Parasites have taken away,
    • The freedom to decide,
    • Based upon unbiased information.
  • “It is; Do it now immediately,
    • Urgently, the last chance;”
  • This is the din and cacophony,
    • I hear as I turn my back,
  • To walk away smiling still.
    • Just inform me.. Please………

Originally written:   August 3, 1996

  • This tidbit is a follow-on from Crusaders.    I was fed up with biased, misleading, out-right-lies, that I was being bombarded with during the election.  It did not matter what side you of an issue you were on you were the target audience of the opposing viewpoint.     I just want to have accurate unbiased information on an issue to make a good decision. 

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