Daily Archives: March 16, 2010

Music Touches Me

  • Music touches my ears,
    • And melts into my soul.
  • Music truly soothes
    • The savage beast inside me.
  • From bagpipes to woodwinds,
    • Bass to violin, even the drums.
  • From Japanese to timpani reach in,
    • And touch the magic places.
  • I hear and world pressures
    • Fade into the distance.
  • I am changed by the melody,
    • As if a switch was turned on.
  • A light comes into
    • The dark places of my soul.
  • Sometimes I feel energized
    • To take on the world one more time.
  • Other times I am relaxed, composed,
    • And very distant from my stressors.
  • Music seeps deep inside.
    • Yes, music touches me.

Originally written:   September 25, 1996

  • As a young boy I took lessons on accordion and percussion instruments.  As an adult  I enjoy music from hard rock bands to symphonic music.   Jazz seems to be my favorite at the moment.  In the past, New Age, Classical, and Country Western music had their time in my listening schedule.    I play my music louder when I have a migraine and somehow it helps.   It sounds strange or at least it does to me. 

Grains Of Sand

  • My words, thoughts, and deeds
    • Are as grains of sand.
  • Their perspective small,
    • Just the next grain of sand.
  • I see so little of what
    • Has been, is, and will be.
  • My understanding is inadequate,
    • Of the whole vision.
  • I am not the center,
    • Around which all revolves.
  • I offer my insights for those,
    • Near and dear to me.
  • They come from deep inside me,
    • Closest to the center of all things.
  • Yet, it is information only.
    • Free for decisions to be made.
  • Grains of sand added together,
    • Nothing alone. A mountain together. 


Originally written:  August 11, 1996

  • I have been surprised how the thoughts and words have come from my mind to the my journals.  Many of the prose were written without editing or rewriting.  The thoughts and words come from deep inside.  I know not where.  I acknowledge the words as gift.

Analysis Is Complete

  • The analysis is complete.
    • The decision made.
    • The stress relieved.
  • Persevere for another year.
    • Work hard, learn more, and
    • Revitalize the workplace.
  • Most of all, revitalize myself,
    • Inside and out.
    • Mind and body invigorated.
  • The journey goes on,
    • Two steps forward.
    • One backward, one to the right.


Originally written:   September 21, 1996

  • This was written after a very stressful time at work.  It is a reflection of “Whew”  I am glad that is over.  I am sure others have felt that same feeling.   Yet, the journey is not straight forward.  There are always setbacks and diversions.