Analysis Is Complete

  • The analysis is complete.
    • The decision made.
    • The stress relieved.
  • Persevere for another year.
    • Work hard, learn more, and
    • Revitalize the workplace.
  • Most of all, revitalize myself,
    • Inside and out.
    • Mind and body invigorated.
  • The journey goes on,
    • Two steps forward.
    • One backward, one to the right.


Originally written:   September 21, 1996

  • This was written after a very stressful time at work.  It is a reflection of “Whew”  I am glad that is over.  I am sure others have felt that same feeling.   Yet, the journey is not straight forward.  There are always setbacks and diversions. 

One response to “Analysis Is Complete

  1. and another to the left

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