Grains Of Sand

  • My words, thoughts, and deeds
    • Are as grains of sand.
  • Their perspective small,
    • Just the next grain of sand.
  • I see so little of what
    • Has been, is, and will be.
  • My understanding is inadequate,
    • Of the whole vision.
  • I am not the center,
    • Around which all revolves.
  • I offer my insights for those,
    • Near and dear to me.
  • They come from deep inside me,
    • Closest to the center of all things.
  • Yet, it is information only.
    • Free for decisions to be made.
  • Grains of sand added together,
    • Nothing alone. A mountain together. 


Originally written:  August 11, 1996

  • I have been surprised how the thoughts and words have come from my mind to the my journals.  Many of the prose were written without editing or rewriting.  The thoughts and words come from deep inside.  I know not where.  I acknowledge the words as gift.

One response to “Grains Of Sand

  1. I like your gift!

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