I Strive!

I Strive!

  • I strive to succeed, but at times I fail.
    • I strive again, and again.
  • Life is in the striving,
    • Not the success or failure.
  • Success and failure are moments of pause
    • To recollect, celebrate, and to ponder.
  • It is during the striving,
    • The important events occur in our lives.
  • Life is unfair, frustrating and
    • Yet can be joyous and triumphant.
  • Only with the attempt to accomplish
    • Can these be experienced.
  • The persistence of attempting to achieve 
    • Defines “striving.”
  • Without a worthwhile goal, life is empty,
    • Lonely, and desolate.
  • A place to await death, to be dead,
    • Among the living.
  • I strive to succeed knowing
    • There will be failures and successes.
  • I strive so when the end of life has come,
    • I will reflect, smile, say,  “Ah-hh-h-h yes!”
  • Turn proudly, head held high and
    • Step across the veil to a new life.

Originally written:   September 25, 1996

  • I was trying to capture a basic truth that working hard towards a goal has the true value.  From the effort comes skills, knowledge and experiences that provide future success.  I strive so when the end of life comes,  I may reflect, smile, and say,  “Ah-hh-h-h yes!”

One response to “I Strive!

  1. Well said and I so agree! Nothing like giving oneself a good stretch.

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