Societies Veneer is Thin!

  • Societies veneer is thin.
    • I wonder, at times, if it is decaying.
    • And then again it may be just changing.
  • With my vision of society woefully obscured
    • My ability to discern is limited.
  • It does seem to me our society has come
    • To depend on cars  and electricity
  • To refrigerate food stuff
    • And even clean clothes and home.
  • Some are  dependent on other technology,
    • Cellphones, ATM’s, and even computers.
  • In a global catastrophe the ability
    • To supply cities would  be dramatically reduced.
  • Within the cities famine would be wide spread.
    • Fear would creep into those undefended.
  • I pose the question in my mind;
    • “Would this create anarchy when the guns,
      • Knives, or other weapons are used to steal food
      • And valuable belongings to support the family?”
  • In discussion after discussion the view is similar.
    • Yes!  The stronger would take from the weaker to survive.
      • With whatever force necessary.
  • I wonder?   Am I still unconvinced?
    • I am concerned to say the least.
  • What about the water?

Originally written:      September 25, 1996

  • This is a reflection on our society and how tied up with technology we have become.  Many of us have lost our connection to the earth and the ability to take care of ourselves.  Without electricity we lose our veneer.   We would need to go back to be farmers and hunters.  But, that could never happen.  Could it?

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