Daily Archives: March 18, 2010

Mystical Moments?

  • Have you ever had a mystical moment?
    • I have and I believe they are  not unusual.
  • I think they happen to others!
    • Have you had a mystical moment?
  • What is a mystical moment
    • That has so affected me?
  • It is as if some unseen hand is guiding me,
    • Or guiding the event.
  • There is a wonder  and euphoria
    • About how and what happens.
  • The mystical moment may happen to just me,
    • Or to the group of individuals I am with.
  • The others involved may or may not recognize
    • The specialness of the moment.
  • I reverence the occasion and strive,
    • To keep alive the memory.
  • It is a surprise gift,
    • A treasured moment.
  • To be revisited again and again.
    • I treasure these mystical moments.

Originally written:   October 18, 1996

  • I was reflecting on rare moments when it seems the situation I am in has been guided by an unseen hand.   I do not know whether it is real or just imagination.   Yet,  I remember and even treasure these mystical moments.  Others have said they have felt the same.