The Aspens Are Speaking!

  • The gentle breezes,
    • And the leaves are conversing.
  • At times, the voices
    • Sound like a waterfall.
  • At other times,
    • A roaring avalanche.
  • Then, I hear applause.
    • In the distance and coming closer.
  • There is a pause
    • In the breeze.
  • The conversation seizes.
    • Silence of the forest surrounds me.
  • And then, like us,
    • The conversation begins anew.
  • The aspens are speaking!

Originally written:  October 19, 1996

  • Every year we take a trip to see the aspens leaves turning yellow, gold and even orange.  People call the aspens quaking when the leaves shake and you can hear them shaking against each other.   Standing in the forest you can hear the breeze rustling the leaves in the distance and as the breeze picks up nearer. 

One response to “The Aspens Are Speaking!

  1. My favorite time of year! Thanks for the beautiful reminder on a very snowy day.

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