Waiting, Just Waiting!!!

  • What is taking so long?
    • ______________ knows I am waiting.
  • Doesn’t ___________ care that I am waiting?
    • Has something happened to ______________?
  • I hope ______________ is okay!
    • Should I go and look for _______________?
  • Oh Darn!  It is so hard to just wait!!
    • Is this waiting supposed to teach me patience?
  • Should I tell _____________ how I feel about
    • Interminable waiting?
  • Oh, Hi _______________!  It is so nice to see you!
    • No, I was not waiting long!
  • Waiting for who, you ask?
    • Just fill in the blank.

Originally written:    October 21, 1996

  • I am sure everyone who has waiting has thought or said to themselves the above questions.   I thought the whole sequence which I have experienced was humorous as I look back on the situation.  It wasn’t while I was waiting.

One response to “Waiting, Just Waiting!!!

  1. Is this why you always carry a good book with you?

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