Daily Archives: March 22, 2010

I Am One!

  • I am one.
    • Not split good or bad
    • Saint or sinner
    • Nay!.
  • I am one.
    • Joined in all things,
    • Saint and sinner.
    • Yeh!
  • I am one.
    • Merged from the many pieces,
    • Fractured pieces,
    • Of good, bad and ugly.
    • Amen!
  • I am one.
    • Accepted by Him.
    • Accepted by me.
    • No others are necessary.
    • Alleluia!

Originally written:  November 3, 1996

  • This piece of prose goes back to a time  many years before  this was written, when I was in crisis and had fallen apart.  I worked through that tough period putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.  This was a pivotal moment and piece of prose recognizing I was accepting who I was becoming.  I was developing self-confidence. 

Breathe Deeply, Breathe Again!

  • Breathe deeply, eyes closed.
    • Hear the music
    • Feel the music
    • Absorb the music
  • Breathe again, very deeply.
    • The sounds splashing over me.
    • I am getting wet inside and out.
    • Reaching my deep inner soul
    • That abides closest
    • To the center of all things.
  • Breathe again, and again.
    • Letting the sounds permeate all,
    • Even the nook and cranny
    • Known only to me
    • And the center of all things.
  • Breathe again, breathe deeply.
    • Feel the peace and serenity.
    • Draw close and listen.
    • Someone is speaking to me.

Originally written:  November 3, 1996

  • A reflection on my meditation.  I try to listen to others and to the center of all things deep within that normally does not have a voice.