I Am One!

  • I am one.
    • Not split good or bad
    • Saint or sinner
    • Nay!.
  • I am one.
    • Joined in all things,
    • Saint and sinner.
    • Yeh!
  • I am one.
    • Merged from the many pieces,
    • Fractured pieces,
    • Of good, bad and ugly.
    • Amen!
  • I am one.
    • Accepted by Him.
    • Accepted by me.
    • No others are necessary.
    • Alleluia!

Originally written:  November 3, 1996

  • This piece of prose goes back to a time  many years before  this was written, when I was in crisis and had fallen apart.  I worked through that tough period putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.  This was a pivotal moment and piece of prose recognizing I was accepting who I was becoming.  I was developing self-confidence. 

One response to “I Am One!

  1. i easily adore all your writing style, very unique,
    don’t give up and also keep writing for the reason that it just simply that is worth to look through it.
    looking forward to browse alot more of your writing, have a good one 🙂

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