Daily Archives: March 23, 2010


  • Lilacs,
    • Momma had lilacs,
    • Blue and white,
    • Bushes and more bushes.
  • Lilacs,
    • Momma love lilacs,
    • Colors and perfume,
    • Filling the air and yard.
  • Lilacs,
    • I love lilacs,
    • Yep, just like Momma,
    • All colors and all wonderful perfume.
  • Lilacs,
    • I want lilacs,
    • Bushes here and bushes there,
    • Filling the air, yard, and house.
  • Lilacs,
    • Connecting Momma and I,
    • Each loving the beauty,
    • Then, now, and forever.

Originally written:   November 3, 1996

This poem was reflecting on a visit to the small village, Ahmeek in Upper Michigan, where I spent my formative years.  I saw our house on the hill.  Pine trees that my Mom and Dad planted as 2  foot, now stood 60 feet. The lilac bushes along the porch were 20 feet tall and over grown.  The house had not been kept up.  I think the curtains in the attic window were the ones my Mother put there.   It was sad to see.    It took me 5 years to have lilacs of my own, against the advice of the landscapers.  He called them weeds.  chuckle, chuckle.