Daily Archives: March 25, 2010

Push, Push, Shove, Shove!

  • Push, push, shove, shove.
    • Here we go again,
    • A new day has begun.
  • Push, push, shove, shove.
    • What a way to earn a living.
    • Suck it up, Suck it in.
  • Push, push, shove, shove.
    • Contact Jim, contact Jane.
    • Tell them what is needed.
  • Push, push, shove, shove.
    • Did they understand?
    • Say a prayer now, say one later.
  • Push, push, shove, shove.
    • What happened to this day?
    • Time has run out, the sun has set.
  • Push, push, shove, shove.
    • Lay my head down.
    • Close my eyes, try to sleep.
  • Push, push, shove, shove.
    • Try to avoid the nightmares.
    • Try to relax, a new day is coming.

Originally written:  November 26, 1996

  • This was a reflection on what happened at a computer company that started laying people off.  It changed the culture overnight.  It became a push, push, shove, shove environment. 

A Quiet Day

  •  It is a quiet day, a day to listen,
    • “Listen to who?”, you ask.
  • Ah!  You haven’t hear the whispers?
    • I am sorry.  They seem so loud.
  • Listen intently, quietly.
    • It is in the quiet moments
  • The silence speaks the loudest.
    • “It is time to rest and be present with me.”
  • It is a quiet day,
    • A day to listen.


Originally written: November 18, 1996

  • It is only when I stop doing and close everything out that meditation can take place.  It is in the silence of my mind and the quiet of my body can I be open and listen.

Autumn In The U.P.

  • The trees have changed color,
    • Well, not the trees, but the leaves.
    • In San Jose, California this is unusual.
    • The leaves usually just turn brown
    • And fall to the ground.
  • Seeing this reminds me of autumn
    • In the Upper Peninsula of  Michigan.
    • As you drive north out of the town of Delaware,
    • And Mandan on US 41, the trees begin
    • To crowd the edge of the pavement.
  • The maple and hardwood tree limbs,
    • Reach across the road like roman arches,
    • They intertwine and weave a patchwork of leaves,
    • Translucent panels above the roadway.
  • Driving under the canopy of leaves,
    • With the sun shining through,
    • The panels of yellow, gold, and red,
    • Evokes memories of the world’s,
    • Great cathedrals of Europe.
  • The colorful leaves are like,
    • Panes of colored and stained glass.
    • The panes gathered together,
    • To make a window 10 miles long.
  • The drive is awe-inspiring,
    • Quiet, holy place,
    • Where people come,
    • To visit and be refreshed.

Originally written:    November 17, 1996

  • One of the most beautiful images that come to mind is walking in a forest of hardwood and maple trees just after the leaves have taken on their multi-colored cloaks.   It is God’s cathedral and nothing man-made can match the beauty.