Time Is Fleeting!

  • Time is fleeting!
    • It slips thru my fingers,
    • Faster than water.
  • Nothing can prevent its passing.
    • Have I used my moments
    • On this earth wisely?
  • I want to come
    • To the end of my life
    • And be able to exclaim
    • Emphatically “Yes!”
  • I sometimes feel ,
    • As though I walk,
    • On razors edge,
  • Between being a fool,
    • And a genius.
    • Time is fleeting
  • Yes, I acknowledge
    • There are times that
    • I am crazy and sane.
  • As time slips by no more,
    • Those remaining will say,
    • “He helped others.”


Originally written:   December 17,1996

  • Life brings the reality I wanted to be remembered as father, grandfather, ancestor.  Also as someone who used the time upon this earth wisely.  Then, I realized I learned a lot from mistakes and having to fix them. Acknowledging mistakes and learning from the experience is an important part of maturing and growing older.   I would not go back in time and relive my life to change the mistakes. That would change who I am today.  
  • I humbly apologize for all my mis-adventures.   Especially if it has hurt someone or something. 
  • I have decided I want to be remembered simply as “He helped others.”

3 responses to “Time Is Fleeting!

  1. Frank,
    In this post, you encapsulated a life time of experiences in a moment: emotions, self reflections, perceptions… It demonstrates how a simple moment can be rich. How about living one moment at a time? It is really an empowering experience!

    Best – Steve

  2. Very inspiring poem !

    Time I guess is a very prominent opponent,But also a great friend.

    I guess in the end of my time I want to be remembered as one who have lived life fully!

  3. Melody J Haislip

    “Time is Fleeting!” I like that. I just wrote a poem, and I know poetry is not easy. Getting naked in public is not easy either, and sometimes that’s what poetry feels like. Yes, I like it.

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