I Live Life To The Fullest!

  • I seek out jobs with challenges!
    • Actually, I should say with stress.
  • I believe I am  addicted to stress in my jobs.
    • I feel better amid the chaos.
  • I seek a sense of satisfaction
    • As I succeed in overcoming.
  • I am bored with routine and repetition.
    • I often fail at repetitive tasks.
  • I walk the edge of chaos and pandemonium.
    • I live each moment to the fullest.

Originally written:  December 18, 1996

  • This is a reflection on jobs that I have had since 1965.  For the most part I took on a new job every 12 to 18 months.  Each job had it new stresses and satisfiers.  It did not feel good to realize I chose to seek out new jobs and that I avoided the routine and repetitive jobs.  I would be a failure as an assembler on a manufacturing line.  I make mistakes much more quickly when it is repetitive.  My mind wanders and thus I am not paying attention to the details of daily tasks. It is sad to recognize a failing, but a joy to have avoided the failure.  Whew.. I was lucky on that one..

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