My Perfect Kiss

  • What determines if a kiss is special?
    • It is not kisser or kissee.
  • My first perfect kiss started,
    • After dinner and lasted until sunup.
  •  To my surprise and wonderment.
    • To her surprise and wonderment.
  • I did not determine its perfection.
    • I was both the kisser and kissee.
  • Who or what determines its perfection?
    • I believe it is the joining of two souls.
  • Two souls eager and ready.
    • Joined at the perfect time.
  • It’s lasted 38 years.
    • Maybe that determines its perfection.

Originally written: April 1, 2010

  • This was written in response to a question posed by Tishbite on Real Bloggers United Blog – “What makes kissing special?” My first response was off the mark. This was part of my second attempt to answer the question. It is an interesting question.  Think a moment.  Have you had a perfect kiss?   When was it?  What made it special?   These questions will bring back cherished memories.   Some you may not want in print.  This poem came out of those thoughts.. 

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