Music, Oh, The Changes It Makes!

  • Music changes me,
    • Bringing words to mind and pen,
    • Unbidden, and sometimes 
    • Of unknown origin or destiny.
  • Music brings images of gentle times,
    • Even horrible times to my conciousness,
    • Unwanted or desired, but still they intrude.
  • Music ebbing and flowing,
    • Imitating life full of emotion and action,
    • Cannot be held at bay, even gentle, yet forceful.
  • Music changes me,
    • Washing me clean of past and focuses on the now.
    • Uncontrollable like a tidal current coming and going.

Originally written:   February 19, 1997

  • I am amazed at how music plays a vital part in my life and how it changes me.  One example is when I have a migraine.  Everyone I have met that suffers from migraines want dark rooms and quiet, very quiet space.  I prefer to turn music on and volume up. Smooth Jazz, Country Western, Rock, Gospel, even Classical.    The music displaces some of the discomfort and I can fall asleep.   I wrote this poem while watching and listening to the San Francisco Symphony at Davies Hall in San Francisco, CA.

One response to “Music, Oh, The Changes It Makes!

  1. Very nice work.I love listening to Music.It gives so much peace and inspiration.A true friend.One I can’t do without.

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