I Am Surrounded

  •  I am surrounded.
    • Yes, encircled, even enveloped,
    • And immersed.
  • I have no way to avoid it.
    • Nor do I desire to escape.
    • Actually, I surrender to it.
  • I have even pursued it aggressively,
    • Grasping it close,
    • Desiring to join as one.
  • I thrive on it, mind and body.
    • Crave its embrace,
    • Both physically and spiritually.
  • Yes, I am loved,
    • Wholly, Simply
    • Loved!

Originally written:  February 19, 1997

I am lucky!  “nuff” said.

2 responses to “I Am Surrounded

  1. …”Everybody loves a lover!”

  2. Melody J Haislip

    It’s about time these lovely pieces saw the light of day. And I like the way you put in background for some of them. Bravo, Frank!

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