Daily Archives: April 8, 2010

I Come Back.

  • I come back.
    • The memories refresh themselves.
    • The Wedgwood Inn stands still.
  • I return.
    • The silence envelopes me as I step from the car.
    • The whisper of the breeze thru the trees,
    • Intermingles with the voices of the birds.
  • Friends so dear.
    • I am ashamed I have been away so long.
    • Memories shared catching up,
    • With intervening years.
    • Touching bases, re-establishing the relationship.
  • I have come home.
    • Welcomed with open arms,
    • Love freely shared, memories exchanged
    • And my hope renewed.
  • Mind and body relax
    • Ah.h.h  I remember now…
    • This is home.

Originally written:   February 19, 1997

  • There was a Bed and Breakfast Inn located outside of Jackson, CA in the Sierra Mountains.  It is a Victorian house built on top of a hill on 5 acres of trees. It is backed up against a National Forest. So there are no close neighbors.  Opening the car door you are struck by the silence.  The lack of traffic noises, horns, screeching tires, and emergency vehicle sirens.  Then, the breeze thru the trees begins speaking to you.  The birds begin their songs.  The squirrels return to their scoldings.  The voice of the forest reaches out to touch your ears and massage your muscles.  The family owners, friends of a lifetime are the most welcoming and loving that can be found. 
  • Yet, today the family has retired.  The Wedgwood Inn has closed its doors.  My home away from home is no more.   A sad event.  Yet, life moves on. 

Beauty. . . .

  • Beauty is a perception of the beholder.
    • One can not create it for all.
  • Some will agree, some not, and
    • Then there are those who are apathetic.
  • When it is found,
    • No one else need agree.
  • It just is!
    • It strikes the light switch.
  • And says, “Ah-h-h, yes this is beautiful,
    • This is wonderful!”
  • The more I seek and savor beauty,
    • The more I find.
  • Some hidden in the rocks
    • Some others in the brambles of life.
  • Others nurtured as a garden  
    • Well tended and loved.

Originally written:  February 19, 1997

  • This was a realization that beauty was not the same to everyone.  Some of the beauty I saw was ugly for others.  Vice Versa was also true.  This little truth was found while on a visit to Carmel, CA Art Galleries and comparing notes on paintings and sculptures.    It has been reaffirmed recently in a discussion on classical versus abstract art forms.