Beauty. . . .

  • Beauty is a perception of the beholder.
    • One can not create it for all.
  • Some will agree, some not, and
    • Then there are those who are apathetic.
  • When it is found,
    • No one else need agree.
  • It just is!
    • It strikes the light switch.
  • And says, “Ah-h-h, yes this is beautiful,
    • This is wonderful!”
  • The more I seek and savor beauty,
    • The more I find.
  • Some hidden in the rocks
    • Some others in the brambles of life.
  • Others nurtured as a garden  
    • Well tended and loved.

Originally written:  February 19, 1997

  • This was a realization that beauty was not the same to everyone.  Some of the beauty I saw was ugly for others.  Vice Versa was also true.  This little truth was found while on a visit to Carmel, CA Art Galleries and comparing notes on paintings and sculptures.    It has been reaffirmed recently in a discussion on classical versus abstract art forms. 

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