It Is The Absence!

  • It is the absence.
    • Yes, the absence.
  • There are no horns blowing,
    • No sirens wailing,
    • From a distances,
  • Then closer and closer,
    • And finally, thankfully,
    • Fading into the distance.
  • There is no background noise,
    • From the freeway,
    • No whoosh, whooooosh,
    • No vrooom, varooooom.
  • There are no dogs barking,
    • Or baying at the moon,
    • Nor a cat meowing,
    • Or calling to its mate.
  • There are no phones ringing.
    • No TV blaring,
    • And most importantly,
    • No bad news reaching my ears.
  • There is only the absence of clamor,
    • Relaxing my mind,
    • Stilling my soul.
  • The absence of all.
    • Yes, the absence,
    • In a magical space,
    • Sitting on a mountain.

Originally written:  February 19, 1997

  • This was a reflection of the peace and quiet my body and mind felt at the Wedgwood Inn in Jackson, CA.  Each of us need a place to escape the hustle and bustle of our urban living space.  For some, it is the seashore.  For others, it is a getaway on a distant island.  My refuge is the mountains away from humanity.   A place where I can let the absence of  the urban clutter and clamor be gently replaced by listening to the silence.    In the absence my soul gets its voice  back and can be heard.

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