Daily Archives: April 10, 2010


  • I am with you always.
    • Standing beside you.
  • Listen to the breeze
    • Caressing the leaves,
  • Smell the flowers
    • I have planted for you.
  • Each unique, as you are.
    • Reach out and touch me.
  • I am your neighbor.
    • I am your brother.
  • Yes, I am with you even now.

Originally written:  March 26, 1997

  • I was in the backyard in San Jose.  The roses were in bloom and very aromatic.  The new spring mulberry tree leaves were rustling with a gentle breeze. It felt an idealic moment.  These words came to me.

Not To Be Confused

  • Not to be confused,
    • Is to understand.
  • Confusion leads to the search.
    • The search for the truth.
  • The search reveals information.
    • Information confusing the mind.
  • Information reveals the truth,
    • Because  information  is fiction and fact.
  • Understanding is the thoughtful,
    • Sifting of fiction and fact.
  • It is the act of separating the facts
    • From the fiction that eliminates confusion.
  • One  can accept on faith and yet,
    • Not understand.
  • However, confusion fades a little the minute
    • I begin to sift through the information.
  • Understanding begins…
    • As confusion disappears.


Originally written: March 26, 1997

  • I was sitting at my desk at work with a difficult client problem.  Lots of information came in many forms; charts, graphs, white papers, and investigation results.   The information came from multiple sources and had varying perceptions on what the problems were. It felt overwhelming.  Yet, I had to do it. Once I began to sift through the reports my confusion was replaced with questions and answers.  Some questions to ask and others to investigate.  Understanding began and confusion began to recede.  On the drive home these words came to me.  I tried to put them out of my mind, but they stayed in my mind until I wrote them down in my journal.  Did it solve the clients problem you ask?  No, not until the other questions got answered,  but the answers and the questions provided the momentum and direction to the analysis.  Those answers did resolve the problems and provided the client with a tactical solution and a longe term strategy.  This was much more than the client was looking for.