Roses Beautiful Roses

  • Roses are truly beautiful!
    • Roses have thorns!
  • From the white of purity,
    • To the blues and even violet.
    • Yes, and yellow or orange.
  • Reds, many reds,
    • From pink to deep dark passionate red.
  • The aroma, from none at all
    • To the wonderous rich perfume.
  • Ah-h-h, what enjoyment
    • They bring to my life!
  • Yet, who can say they have not
    • Felt the sting of their thorns.
  • Roses imitating life,
    • Beauty, wonder, and pain.
  • Yes, all of this is worth the cost,
    • Like life, beauty, wonder and pain.

Originally written:  March 26, 1997

This tidbit was written after trimming my roses.   Of course I got stuck due to my carelessness.  When I finished the rose bushes looked beautiful and the rose petals around the base of the bushes gave off a perfume to the area.  As I sat these words came to me.   They stayed with me until I wrote them into my journal.

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