•  Life is simple,
    • Breathe in, breathe out.
  • Life is complex.
    • Share your life with another.
  • Life may be simple.
    • Being alone, just existing.
    • Yet, it is definitely boring.
  • Life may be complex.
    • Sharing brings joy and pain.
    • Each moment there is something new.
  • Life can be simple.
    • Loneliness turns inward toward despair.
    • A vicious cycle begins.
  • Life can be complex.
    • Sharing moves us  out of ourselves.
    • A renewing cycle begins.

Originally written:  April 7, 1997

  • This was written while in Tokyo, Japan at the Okura hotel on business.   It was an interesting business trip that included visits to museums, theatres, and one evening at a night club listening to fantastic Beatles imitators.   Yet, away from family these words came to the surface and had to be written down.

One response to “Life!!!

  1. I used to travel a lot on the road when I performed and many times the loneliness can really get to you. Having said that, there is also a lot of time for reflection and dreaming, too.

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