• Thoughts flow from my mind to this page,
    • Like wine poured from the bottle by a master.
  • They flow out gently, tumbling onto the page,
    •  In the sequence they are poured.
  • I am but a recorder.  Simply to document,
    •  The phrases as they come to mind.
  • The thoughts are not profound
    • Or even valuable lessons.
  • They stand on their own
    • For me to understand.
  •  And yes for others too.


Originally written: April 15, 1997

  • I was reflecting on how the words come to me for the prose or poems that I have written. I am often surprised by the words that come to mind and appear on the page. I am humbled by the reflections and thoughts expressed.   I am not the Master. I am thankful for this gift.

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