Daily Archives: April 30, 2010

I Pick Up My Pen

  • It is with a will I pick up a pen to jot down a few words to record my musings.   This process puts me into a very meditative state of mind.  I find more and more often I pursue this environment.  It is warm,friendly, and cozy producing a euphoric state of happiness.  I find myself in a heightened state of awareness to all I am surrounded by or enmeshed in.  Each experience is far more enjoyable to participate in.
  • I am so very lucky!  I have seen so many others less fortunate.  I have my health, both mental and physical.  I have my family, brothers, children, wife, and even an ex-wife. I have friends and work associates that are a joy to be around.  They enrich my life.   I have a good  job.  
  • Yes, I am so very lucky!     Isn’t well-being just a state of my mind?  If you are happy and satisfied, isn’t that the ideal state of existence to pursue?  Money is  not what brings about happiness.
  • I am so lucky!  I am happy in my circumstance. I could be happy in other circumstances.  The feeling begins with “Thankfulness.”

Originally written:  April 16, 1997

  • This is true today as it was thirteen years ago when I wrote this entry in my journal..  I have found writing down my thoughts and feelings in the form of poetry relaxing.  

Ahhh, My Beloved

  • Ah-hh, my beloved,
    • I am coming
    • Closer by the minute.
  • I crave your cuddles,
    • Our flip-flop-flips.
  • I crave my side, your side.
    • I have missed your touch,
    • Voice, and presence.
  • I have missed the things
    • We do together.
  • I have missed doing
    • Things for you.
  • I am on my way,
    • Soon my love, soon.


Originally written:  April 15, 1997

  • I have taken many business trips.  The trip to Japan and the flight home was long.  These thoughts were written on the plane ride home.  I was glad to be on my way back to the USA.