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Awake My Love

  • Awake my love.
    • In the first moment of my awakening.
    • I listen to your breathing.
    • I feel you stir and begin to wake.
  • I am delighted you are near.
    • My mind reaches our caressing
    • Thoughts of joy and remembrances past.
  • I eagerly await your awakening.
    • I still my breathing, listening intently.
    • I watch for the eyes to flutter or body stretch.
  • I anticipate our day together.
    • I want to create with you.
    • Memories and my many other things.
  • Awake my love.
    • I await.

Originally written:  12/03/2010

  • Those first moments of morning are so very special.  I watch as you still dream of sugar plums and fairies.  It is a wonderful privilege you have given to me.  It is hard to not to reach out into the space between us and touch you hair.  Moving it out of your face and feeling the softness and smelling the freshness and smell of your shampoo.    The anticipation of the new day invigorates me.  I can hardly stay quiet, stay still not to awake you.  My breath quickens and I breathe deeply.  Then I hear a change in your breathing and see the first stretch of the day.  I see your eyes open and a smile comes to your lips and eyes.  It has been worth waiting for.    A kiss to begin our day.  Thank you for the gift of your love.


  • The greatest heresy.
    • Materialism.
  • Things are important.
    • Not!
  • Look around.
    • People covet.
  • Coveting things,
    • Yours, mine, and others.
  • Things are important.
    • Not!
  • The disease is insatiable.

Originally written:   November 29, 1997

  • We get wrapped up into keeping up with the neighbors, relatives, friends, TV images.   It is all an illusion.  Be aware of those who covet.  Their next possession could have been yours yesterday.  Materialism, the gathering of possessions is an empty goal.   It never ends. 


  • Give thanks for this and that.
    • Eating turkey and this and that.
  • Thanksgiving.


  • I have this!
    • I have that!
  • I have so much.
    • So very, very much.
  • Thanksgiving.


  • So many have so little.
    • I have so much.
  • Thanksgiving.


  • Each day, every day.
    • Not just today – everyday
  • Thanksgiving

Originally written;   November 27, 1997

  • I was and am aware there are so many in the United States and the world that have nothing or very little.  I feel guilt that I have so much.  I feel thankful and lucky by some chance I was born to a couple who was poor and grew up with little.  I worked hard and managed my career wisely. I selected a finance manager to keep a close eye on the future.  I did what needed to be done.  Along the way we donated to the appropriate charities and tithed to our church. 
  • Yet, there are so many hands outstretched that I can not provide for.  Each time I mentally say no, a little bit of guilt is left in my mind.  It builds and builds until I stretch and do something.    I have been known to pay for a strangers breakfast or lunch anonymously as I quickly exit the restaurant.
  • Still the thankfulness and quilt stay with me. 

I Stand Before You

  • I stand before you
    • Arms uplifted in humbleness.
  • I stand before you
    • Inept at following.
  • I stand humbled
    • By my own inability to follow.
  • I stand humbled
    • By my own wilfulness to lead.
  • I stand urgent before you
    • With a lesson to learn.
  • I stand pleading
    • To humbly accept help.
  • I stand before you
    • Arms upraised in thanksgiving.

Originally written:  November 16, 1997

  • I am amazed at my wilfulness in trying to do things by myself.    The Good Lord fixed it so I had to depend on others to do heavy lifting.  Then, even small lifting.  Every time I rebelled and tried to do it myself I set myself back. I am humbled and am learning how not try to do it myself.  I am learning to accept help.     All my life I have tried to control situations.  I am learning to be humble and appreciative.   

Snow in Indiana

  • It snowed in Indiana
    • Not an unusual event.
  • Just unusual for me
    • To experience.
  • It varied from a flake here,
    • A flake there.
  • To moments of pure white
    • unadulterated by any color.
  • To sit, warm, cozy, and
    • Cuddleable.
  • Watching, entranced by
    • The whirling ever-changing.
  • Hypnotised into a relaxed
    • Meditative trance.
  • It was majestic to see
    • The snowflakes falling, floating,
    • Driven to the ground.

Originally written:  November 16 1997

  • Ah, yes I remember it well.  I had not seen a snow storm in twenty-five years (25) years.   I was visiting Indiana from San Jose, CA.  it does not snow in San Jose, CA.  The hills around the city will get a dusting once or twice a year but not in San Jose.   I spent my early childhood in Upper Michigan north of Houghton and Hancock.  We regularly had snow in excess of 4 foot on the ground.  Cabin fever is a real disease in the winter unless you enjoy winter activities. 
  • I moved to Colorado in 2000 in preparation for retirement.   The first snow of the winter season has the same effect on me.  After that it gets less enjoyable as I get older.  I chuckle at the change, but it is understandable. 

A Moment Shared

  • A moment shared,
    • Stranger to stranger.
  • Thoughts provoked,
    • Remembered, and refreshed.
  • A stranger no more,
    • We have mutually shared.
  • We have looked each other in the eyes,
    And found a

    • kindred spirit.
  • It was just a moment shared.
    • Stranger to stranger.
  • We walk away to different destinations
    • Enriched by our meeting.

Originally written:   November 16m 1997

  • I wrote this on business trip while flying from San Jose, CA to  Dallas, TX to attend a meeting.    I was writing in my journal and got into a conversation with the person next to me.   I shared I worked for IBM and was on a business trip.  They were on a sales trip to Irving, TX.  It was one of the more enjoyable flights I have had.  When we left the plane in Dallas we said, “Good-bye and good luck.”   These situations happen everyday all over the world.   Most of my flights I have sat next to someone who was in their own world and did not want to be interrupted. I respect their privacy.  There are flights I wanted to left alone.   I needed that  flight time to concentrate on a problem or a business presentation.
  • We went our own ways strangers no more.  

A Breeze Always In Tune

  • The breeze moves through the branches, leaves, and bushes.
    • Playing among each, symphonic music.
    • Aways in tune.
  • Melodic tones moving my soul.
    • Sometimes rising in urgency
    • Emotion ebbing and flowing.
  • Many instruments playing their part,
    • Branches, leaves and bushes still.
    • Yet, music to my ears relaxing and invigorating.
  • The breeze moves through the forest, meadow, and mountain.
    • Playing for those who are listening
    • To a symphony unparalleled.

Originally written:   November 5, 1997

  • The music of  Mother Nature is the single musician to be able to strike a pleasant chord with me every time.  We were lucky enough to have season tickets to San Francisco Symphony for 15 years.   They are a world-class orchestra.  We enjoyed every symphony we attended.   Walking in a forest to hear the wind blow gently or a raging windstorm the sounds are beautiful to my ears.   I have watched and listened to a storm blow in across a lake and only at the last moment close the door to avoid getting soaking wet. The sounds of nature are fascinating to me as is a classical symphonic piece of music.