Simplify – Simplify

  • These are moments I enjoy,
    • When I exclude my surroundings,
  • Even my circumstances.
    • Simplifying, shutting some senses off.
  • I prefer the simplicity of my own thoughts.
    • I’m visiting Japan a riding the train in rush hour.
  • I find each rider pursuing their own thoughts,
    • Excluding all else, riding in serenity.
  • I am packed as close as a sardine in a can.
    • All body parts in contact with the fishes around me.
  • I travel far away within my mind.
    • The feeling of claustrophobia diminishes.
  • I encounter a sense of simplicity.
    • I enter a state of well-being.
  • I find this peaceful place within my mind.
    • Easier and easier to enter.
  • Slipping quickly and quietly back
    • And forth from the reality of the crowded compartment.
  • I find myself simplifying my life!

Originally written: April 16, 1997

  • I am terrified of crowds. I avoid large parties. I am the gentle man you will find sitting in easy chair watching. Yes, watching everything around me. I am the quiet one. In Japan commuting by train is almost required. During rush hours passengers are packed by train attendants using long rods to push and cram people into the trains. Off hours it is much less crowded and much nicer to ride. I rode the train with sweat running down my sides from my armpits.. The back of my shirt was wringing wet when I got off the first time. When I learned how to recede into my mind I relaxed. I was able to ride without getting so hyper. The experience has helped me  in many other crowded spaces..

One response to “Simplify – Simplify

  1. I don’t like crowds. I also sit in the corner an watch. There is something interesting that happens to me when I am watching. I catch people watching me. The peace that is in your mind is powerful and serene. It is hard to image to such opposing emotions that exist in the same space. Enjoyed your thoughts. Thanks be well

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