Would I Be Happy?

  • Would I be happy in poverty?  In a mud hut or
    • In the cold of winter or heat of summer?
  • I do not know!   
    • However, happiness is from within one’s being.
  • As I think about this, Upper Michigan comes to mind
    • And a hermitage of sorts begins to form in my mind. 
  • It is the place in my mind I go to find peace. 
    • Growing up in a village and the forests provide memories
    • Rich in nature’s harmony and beauty to retreat to.
  • Uncle John retreated and lived a solitary life in Upper Michigan. 
    • Mom and Dad bought a house and lived there simply in the summers. 
    • Dad would escape to it alone once in a while.
  • My wife and I have a “hermitage” of sorts. 
    • It is her mother’s home on a lake outside of Warsaw, Indiana.  
    • There life is simpler and more relaxed. 
  • I still do not know!

Originally written:  April 16, 1997

  • Uncle John, Mom and Dad have all gone on to their rewards.  Their hermitages have passed onto new families.  We have sold our “little home” on Goose Lake to a neighbor.  We have moved from San Jose, CA to Aurora, CO to a new home.  It is not a mud hut.  We are comfortable and enjoying retirement.  I guess we are living in a hermitage but it does not feel like one.  I am as busy as when I was working full-time.    I do not have the answer to the question asked thirteen years ago.  I can say that I would be happy with a simple and more unadorned life.  I am satisfied with today.

One response to “Would I Be Happy?

  1. There are moments when I am seduced by the life of solitude and simplicity. And then there are times when I think what fun it would be to just revel in all the luxury and abundance that the senses are drawn to.

    I realize that I am not limited to ‘either-or’. The soul is drawn to both and so many other places in between and beyond.

    What’s important, I think, is to pay attention and allow all desires to be naturally and lovingly fulfilled.

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