• Balance
    • Physical Condition
    • Intellect
    • spirituality
  • All must be kept in perspective.
    • Each may grow and become
    • Overpowering in relation to
    • Our other attributes.
  • Each must be  moderated.
    • Balance maintained.

Originally written:  May 30. 1997

  • Some would say “Moderation in all things.”  I look at it in different way.  Looking within me I find three major areas need to be kept in balance; physical wellbeing, intellect, and spirit.   I have noticed over time I neglect one of these areas in pursuit of one of the others. I  have neglected physical conditioning more often than the others.  I seem to have a natural aversion to exercise without a specific purpose.  I have an aversion to reading technical material to increase my knowledge and skill.  On occasion I avoid the structured ceremony or ritual to improve my spirit.   Yes, I abuse the rule, and likely will in the future.  I try to keep it in perspective. 

One response to “Balance

  1. Great points! I will be checking back here often!

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