• Prayers,
    • Some say loud ones,
    • Long ones, whispered ones.
    • Each have their place,
    • And the time.
  • The essence of a prayer,
    • Is your presence.
    • Words are unnecessary,
    • Whispered or otherwise.
  • Breathe in, breathe out.
    • Just be present.
    • Nothing more is needed.

Originally written:   June 1, 1997

  • This prayer came to mind after meeting with a Jesuit Priest Father Bernie Brannen.  We were talking about prayers.  He gave me a simple one:  Come Holy Spirit.    He also talked about silence both in body and mind as a prayer.  I recently read a book by Dalai Lama titled “The Universe in a Single Atom.”  He states that there is a prayer state in which the mind is opened and let loose.  After a short time the mind will quiet and a state of silence will be entered. 

2 responses to “Prayers

  1. aaahhh . . . so true. especially today. thanks for posting!

  2. Reminds me of this comment by Meister Eckhart, a Christian mystic: “When I pray for something, I do not pray; when I pray for nothing, I really pray.” I like the simple, straightforward way you explain what praying really means.

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