Life Has Momentum!

  • Life has momentum.
    • Sometimes fast and raging,
    • Like the spring rivers,
    • Flowing from the Rocky Mountains
    • In the springtime.
  • Other times gentle and slow,
    • Like the same rivers
    • After the snow has melted,
    • And the spring has passed.
  • There are even times
    • When life seems to vanish,
    • Before your eyes.
    • Like the river, 
    • Disappearing appearing,
    • Into the sands of the desert.
  • Life has momentum.
    • I rush hither and yon,
    • Like the river,
    • Sometimes too fast
    • For my own good.
  • I take time,
    • To smell the roses.
    • Humm Mmm they smell so sweet
  • I even take time
    • To rest or stop,
    • Like the stream disappearing!

Originally written:  July 13, 1994

  • I was musing on the ebb and flow of my life.  I realized that I was taking time for myself to regenerate.  That was unusual for the past years of my life.  I did not take time to stop and smell the roses.  This was the first acknowledgement that I was beginning to take care of myself..  I realized I needed to continue to take care of me.  It was part of the healing to become whole.

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