Daily Archives: May 10, 2010

Where Am I Going?

  • Where am I going?
    • I am growing older,
    • Experiencing many wondrous events,
    • Wiser too, I know,
    • But of what value?
  • I wonder, at times.
    • What contribution will I make?
    • Small or great?
    • There hopefully is value.
  • I know, to me
    • There is great value of those
    • I Meet, share, and love.
    • Most respond in kind.
  • I need not be remembered.
    • It is enough!  Each life touched
    • Is improved in some way.
    • That is the value I seek!
  • That is where I am going.

originally written:  August 6, 1997

  • This poem is a thought on “For what will I be remembered?”   It is the musing on what value my life will have had.   Along the way I attended a week-long class by Stephen Covey, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.   I came away with a mission statement for myself.  Over the years it has boiled down to be simply;  Be Helpful!   I strive to live up to that motto.


  • Champaigne,
    • Shared amongst friends,
    • Occasions remembered,
    • Sweetness personified!
  • Champaigne,
    • Shared amongst friends,
    • Adventure begun
    • Occasions created.
  • Champaigne,
    • Shared amngst friends,
    • Thanksgiving expressed,
    • Future assured.


Originally written:   August 5, 1997

  • I  found a champaigne that I enjoy.  That is rare for me to like champaign.  Shramsburg Cremant Demi-Sec and J. Schram Brut Reserve.  It is a sparkling wine that is made in the hills surrounding northern Napa Valley, CA.  Up until this time I had left the sparkling wing or champaign drinking to my wife and daughters.  The poem came out of a weekend party with family and friends. 

Promising New Light

  • The sun rises, the sun sets,
    • Both are beautiful moments.
  • In between we learn and live.
    • We meet strangers,
  • Share a part of ourselves
    • We part richer for the experience,
  • It is in these moments
    • Memories are made.
  • The sun rises promising
    • New light upon my path.

Originally written:  August 2, 1994

  • I wrote this during a business trip.  On rare occasions I ran into some total strangers and in  the few hours we were together we shared stories of our lives.   I have met coaches from major schools, doctors, lawyers, sales men and women, and member of sport teams.  I met a man who had Turrets disease.  He was very humble and caring in between outbursts of inappropriate language.  I enjoyed our conversation and the sharing of experiences.  I am enriched by the meeting of such a diverse group of people.