Be Helpful!

  • Be helpful.
    • I try each day.
    • Each person I meet.
  • Be helpful.
    • Each moment is precious.
    • Each life is precious.
  • Be helpful.
    • I try each day.
    • Each soul I encounter.

Originally written:  August 23, 1997

  • This is a little “ditty” is a reflection on my personal mission or life objective. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People class by Stephen Covey  attendees graduate with a personal mission statement. Mine was several sentences long when I graduated.  I attended this class as a middle manager in IBM IT organization.  As a result of the class I chose to move to a new job in a new location.  The class was instrumental in changing my life’s direction.   As years went by my mission statement boil down to “Be Helpful.”  
  • This motto has provides me with a sense of satisfaction with my life, both past and future.   It is reward each day.  Each day builds to weeks, months, and years.    The result is a life of service to those closest to me providing them satisfaction.

One response to “Be Helpful!

  1. Servitude is the best of all deeds…when it is born out of Love.


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