It Feels So Good!

  • Into my life some rain must fall,
    • A mist,
    • Or a drizzle,
    • Or a steady rain,
    • And even a down pour.
  • I make something positive
    • Of each moment,
    • Whether the rain is cold or warm.
  • Enjoy the moment,
    • Learn from each second,
    • And each raindrop.
  • Let the wetness
    • Wash over me
    • To cleanse me
    • And refresh me.
  • Humm- Mmmm -Mmm it feels so good!

Originally written:  August 23, 1997

  • When I was a young boy I lived in Ahmeek, MI.  It is a small village surrounded by forests and hills of pine and hardwood trees in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  I loved to escape to the forest.  
  • When it starts to rain, the sound of the first raindrops on the leaves brings a sense of well-being and calms my mind. The breeze rustling the leaves and pine needles creates the music of the forest. The thunder and lightning are like the percussion instruments of an orchestra. 
  •  Together the sounds make up a symphony playing Rachmaninoff piano concerto.  It starts slow and gentle and then builds to a crescendo and fades away. I close my eyes and the sounds and feelings of walking in the hills and forests around Ahmeek returns to me.  I use it as a memory to escape into when stress crushes in around me.

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