• It is relationships,
    • Not material things.
  • Things can be lost.
    • Things can be stolen.
    • Things can be destroyed.
  • Material things are temporary.
    • Relationships are life itself.
  • They laugh with you.
    • They cry with you.
    • They celebrate with you.
  • They pray when you can not.
    • They cry when all your tears have been shed.
    • They hold you up when you cannot stand.
  • It is relationships that make
    • Life enjoyable.
    • And some say,  “Worth living.”

Originally written:  August 28, 1997

  • Relationships make the world go around.  It is relationships that carry us through grief and suffering.  It is so much easier to overcome challenges and tribulations when a friend or family provides the needed listening post, advice, and/or council.    I was reflecting on the friends that had died and their contributions to my life.   They were and are missed.  I am happy their suffering has ended and they are in a much better place.

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