Words: Spoken or Written

  • Written words upon paper or stone,
    • Without actions, are like words written
    • Upon the stream that flows nearby.
  • The words vanish
    • As they are formed
    • by a finger or stick upon the stream.
  • Spoken words to family, friends or lovers,
    • Without actions, are  words  frozen
    • Into  glacier ice.
  • The words go unheard
    • As the words are formed into ice
    • Then melted into the stream flowing nearby.
  • With action, words will live
    • For eternity upon the lips
    • Of  witnesses.
  • They are “true” words chiseled by actions
    • Witnessed by others, not self.

Originally written:  August 24, 1997

  • I was musing on the impermanence of the spoken or written word.  Without actions, promises delivered or commitments completed,  words  are empty of meaning.  They are a waste of time for those listening or reading.  Further, the words detract from the validity of all words.
  • Words with actions are remembered and cherished by generations that have not heard or seen the original words.  The “true” words are passed on to become the legend in civilizations traditions.

One response to “Words: Spoken or Written

  1. Love this one!

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