Daily Archives: May 13, 2010

Trash, Yours and Mine

  •  Each week the food come in.
    • The trash cans go out.
    • Nothing is left over.
    • Or should I say,
    • Very little is left over.
  • It amazes me to think of how much
    • Trash is generated each week.
    • Yes, some of it is recycled.
    • Yet, much goes to the landfill.
  • Valleys get filled in.
    • Hills and even mountains are built.
    • Our waste stacked, neighbor upon neighbor,
    • Week upon week, month upon month.
  • We will create mountains to surround us.
    • Will we bury our cities?
    • Mountains, change the weather.
    • Our trash will change our weather.
  • Each of us need to examine our impact
    • Less needs to come in the door.
    • Less needs to go out in the trash.
    • It can and will be done.

Originally written:   October 3, 1997

  • This is a reflection on how much garbage was going out in the trash.  This was instigated by a drive up from Morgan Hill, CA to San Jose, CA.  In the foothills along Highway 101 is a Santa Clara County land fill that is visibly filling in the valleys of the foothills with the refuse from the Bay Area Cities.    Now, if you drive up E-470 Tollway on the East side  of Denver goes by two landfills that are mountains that are being built on the prairie. They are about 10 miles apart.  We need to find something productive to do with the waste.  So the thought I had 13 years ago is just as valid today. 
  • There is hope.  Plastic bags are disappearing from stores.  Methane is being reclaimed from landfills.  Trash is being sorted and more of it is being recycled.  I have heard that refuse is being made into  building materials.for homes.   With the focus that is being placed on our carbon footprint progress will continue to be made.  I have hope.  I have confidence in our future.