Monarch Butterflies

  • Monarchs here. 
    • Monarchs there.
    • Monarchs everywhere.
  • Flutter, flutter, flutter.
    • Beauty on the wing
    • More than I can count.
  • Flutter, flutter, flutter.
    • Each year they come.
    • Beauty on the wing.
  • Flit, flutter, flit,
    • From branch to flower,
    • Then to my arm.
  • Flit, flutter, flit,
    • Off they go
    • Beyond the horizon.
  • Flit, flit, flutter, flutter,
    • Amazing  miraculous journey,
    • Many generations born and died
  • Monarchs here.
    • Monarchs there.
    • Monarchs everywhere.

Originally written:   October 12, 1997

  • Every year at Natural Bridges State Park in Santa Cruz, CA the Monarch Butterflies return.   We visited the park when the butterflies were there.  They literally covered the tree leaves and the branches so that were weighed down and  looked like limbs on a weeping willow tree . Each leaf was a butterfly. There were so thick they actually were in layers, one butterfly on top of another.   Then the sun came out through the ocean fog and it warmed the butterflies to the temperature they awaken and fly.  It was amazing to be standing amongst the swarm.  They landed on my arms, hands, and even my nose.  They were so light I could barely feel them as they sat still and just moved their wings.  Then they fluttered away.  A week later they had flown onto their next destination to return again next year.

One response to “Monarch Butterflies

  1. The monarch butterfly migration is truly amazing! The butterflies go to same place every year….East of the Rockies to central Mexico and West of the Rockies to the coast of California.

    Here is more detailed information on the monarch migration…

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