Silence Please!

  • Ah-h-h. Silence.
    • Turn off the radio.
    • Turn off the TV.
  • Silence Please!
    • Turn off the horns.
    • Turn off the cell phones and beepers.
  • Silence Please!
    • Turn off the road noise.
    • Turn off the airplanes overhead.
  • Silence Please!
    • Turn off the yelling voices.
    • Turn off the Yak – ity – yak – yak.
  • Ah-h-h. Silence….
    • Pleasurable silence, the absence of noise.
    • The anticipation of its return.
  • Silence Please!
    • I want to listen. I want to feel.
    • I want to meld and become one with silence.
  • Silence Please!
    • I want to learn to be peaceful.
    • In the midst of my chaos.
  • Ah-h-h blessed silence.

Originally written:  October 22, 1997

  • Have you ever been overwhelmed with the noise around you.  Amidst the Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay, California the hum-drum is constant.  All events are crowded and loud.   I was frustrated with the noise and hubbub.  I also worked in a job that required me to be on the phone on conference calls almost all day long.  Silence or even a quiet moment in my office  was very rare.
  • There was a time I would just get in my car and drive off into the countryside to get some quiet.  Then stop, turn the car engine off, and go for a walk to let the silence sink in.  My body and mind can actually feel the quiet of silence.  It sinks into my pores and my body relaxes.    I return home my soul quiet.

2 responses to “Silence Please!

  1. Yes, real silence. I don’t think most people can stand silence. I love it… I need it… I crave it… I learn from it… I gain strength from it… I define myself in it… I hear my own voice in the silence of my mind.

    Thank you, I totally agree with you.

  2. Silence is indeed golden and so rare in todays wired world…I love read your postings and plan to enjoy the quiet on top of a glacier next year!!!!

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