Daily Archives: May 16, 2010

Your Touch

  • I crave your touch.
    • Just touch my arm,
    • Just here above the elbow.
  • Ah, yes right there. Hmm – Mmm, heavenly.
    • Now gently rub back and forth,
    • Circle, circle and again please.
  • I need your touch.
    • My neck this time,
    • Rubbing circle, circle, circle and again.
    • Please, again please.
  • I melt with each touch.
    • Aches, pains, and strains.
    • Disappear under your fingertips.
    • Please, please, again.
  • I love your touch,
    • From me to you and you to me.
    • It follows through your touch.
    • Love binding us closer and closer.
    • Yes, please again.

Originally written:  October 22, 1997

I have a confession to make.  I do not like to be touched.  I have shied away from massages because of the touching.  Then, one day I found a woman who loved me and I loved her.  I hurt my back and was laid up.  I had a lot of pain medication I could take, but I do not like to take pain medication unless I absolutely need it. I found my wife’s touch reduced the pain.  I began to want to be touched by her.  This little “dittie” was written with that thought..  Magic fingers.    The funniest part is that I now rub her feet and she falls asleep.  It is magic fingers we have for each other.  They have bound us closer.

Here Within

  • I am here within.
    • I am separate, yet we are one.
  • I look out, watch, and observe.
    • He rests and listens.
  • I want to learn from all.
    • He absorbs and melds with each.
  • Yet we are one,
    • Although we are separate.
  • It is curious to feel thus.
    • We enjoy each others company.
  • I am he and he is me.
    • We are!

Originally written: October 22, 1997

  • There was a time when I was aloof of what is happening around me.  I was the observer of all that was happening.  I desired to see everything and learn.  I learned to like who I had become. I learned to enjoy being in my own company.  I have grown comfortable in the company of others.  
  • I  do not know how I first began this journey of being the observer and feeling being separate entities.   It has held me in good staid for when I was in complex situations I also observed and thought of what was happening.  I was able to change the course of the events as a result of the “feeling of separateness.”   The one case that comes to mind was a crisis management meeting between telecom company IT management and software technical support and development management about a software problem that was causing interruptions in their application processing systems of their data center. 
  • I was acting as the facilitator or arbitrator to find an acceptable solution.   I was growing more and more frustrated with both parties who were bickering over every point.  If one said it was “up” the other swore it was “down.”    My frustration was turning into anger.  Yet, “My Observer” convinced me to change the situation by relaxing, introducing a bit of humor and patience.  The meeting took much longer, but the result was a compromise between the parties.  All partcipants in the crisis management meeting walked away with smiles friendship instead of enemies, more importantly an agreed upon solution.