Your Touch

  • I crave your touch.
    • Just touch my arm,
    • Just here above the elbow.
  • Ah, yes right there. Hmm – Mmm, heavenly.
    • Now gently rub back and forth,
    • Circle, circle and again please.
  • I need your touch.
    • My neck this time,
    • Rubbing circle, circle, circle and again.
    • Please, again please.
  • I melt with each touch.
    • Aches, pains, and strains.
    • Disappear under your fingertips.
    • Please, please, again.
  • I love your touch,
    • From me to you and you to me.
    • It follows through your touch.
    • Love binding us closer and closer.
    • Yes, please again.

Originally written:  October 22, 1997

I have a confession to make.  I do not like to be touched.  I have shied away from massages because of the touching.  Then, one day I found a woman who loved me and I loved her.  I hurt my back and was laid up.  I had a lot of pain medication I could take, but I do not like to take pain medication unless I absolutely need it. I found my wife’s touch reduced the pain.  I began to want to be touched by her.  This little “dittie” was written with that thought..  Magic fingers.    The funniest part is that I now rub her feet and she falls asleep.  It is magic fingers we have for each other.  They have bound us closer.

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