A Breeze Always In Tune

  • The breeze moves through the branches, leaves, and bushes.
    • Playing among each, symphonic music.
    • Aways in tune.
  • Melodic tones moving my soul.
    • Sometimes rising in urgency
    • Emotion ebbing and flowing.
  • Many instruments playing their part,
    • Branches, leaves and bushes still.
    • Yet, music to my ears relaxing and invigorating.
  • The breeze moves through the forest, meadow, and mountain.
    • Playing for those who are listening
    • To a symphony unparalleled.

Originally written:   November 5, 1997

  • The music of  Mother Nature is the single musician to be able to strike a pleasant chord with me every time.  We were lucky enough to have season tickets to San Francisco Symphony for 15 years.   They are a world-class orchestra.  We enjoyed every symphony we attended.   Walking in a forest to hear the wind blow gently or a raging windstorm the sounds are beautiful to my ears.   I have watched and listened to a storm blow in across a lake and only at the last moment close the door to avoid getting soaking wet. The sounds of nature are fascinating to me as is a classical symphonic piece of music. 

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