A Moment Shared

  • A moment shared,
    • Stranger to stranger.
  • Thoughts provoked,
    • Remembered, and refreshed.
  • A stranger no more,
    • We have mutually shared.
  • We have looked each other in the eyes,
    And found a

    • kindred spirit.
  • It was just a moment shared.
    • Stranger to stranger.
  • We walk away to different destinations
    • Enriched by our meeting.

Originally written:   November 16m 1997

  • I wrote this on business trip while flying from San Jose, CA to  Dallas, TX to attend a meeting.    I was writing in my journal and got into a conversation with the person next to me.   I shared I worked for IBM and was on a business trip.  They were on a sales trip to Irving, TX.  It was one of the more enjoyable flights I have had.  When we left the plane in Dallas we said, “Good-bye and good luck.”   These situations happen everyday all over the world.   Most of my flights I have sat next to someone who was in their own world and did not want to be interrupted. I respect their privacy.  There are flights I wanted to left alone.   I needed that  flight time to concentrate on a problem or a business presentation.
  • We went our own ways strangers no more.  

One response to “A Moment Shared

  1. Frank, I read this earlier in the week and meant to comment then but got pulled away on something. (I think it may have involved a toddler….) What a great post. I have had this experience before and can totally see the scene in my head as you described it. Good job!

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