Snow in Indiana

  • It snowed in Indiana
    • Not an unusual event.
  • Just unusual for me
    • To experience.
  • It varied from a flake here,
    • A flake there.
  • To moments of pure white
    • unadulterated by any color.
  • To sit, warm, cozy, and
    • Cuddleable.
  • Watching, entranced by
    • The whirling ever-changing.
  • Hypnotised into a relaxed
    • Meditative trance.
  • It was majestic to see
    • The snowflakes falling, floating,
    • Driven to the ground.

Originally written:  November 16 1997

  • Ah, yes I remember it well.  I had not seen a snow storm in twenty-five years (25) years.   I was visiting Indiana from San Jose, CA.  it does not snow in San Jose, CA.  The hills around the city will get a dusting once or twice a year but not in San Jose.   I spent my early childhood in Upper Michigan north of Houghton and Hancock.  We regularly had snow in excess of 4 foot on the ground.  Cabin fever is a real disease in the winter unless you enjoy winter activities. 
  • I moved to Colorado in 2000 in preparation for retirement.   The first snow of the winter season has the same effect on me.  After that it gets less enjoyable as I get older.  I chuckle at the change, but it is understandable. 

2 responses to “Snow in Indiana

  1. Snow has that effect on me too. We don’t get it very often, if at all. This year 2010 was a record breaker and most likely the only time we will ever have that happen. Great poem. 🙂

  2. I like that fact you now have time to experience these things. Think it was Walter de Lamare who wrote ” We have no time to stand and stare..”

    I enjoy snowfall too – although this last winter we were snow-bound for almost 3 weeks.

    I enjoy rain storms too – my granny used to say it was the angels washing the clouds clean!

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