Daily Archives: May 23, 2010


  • Give thanks for this and that.
    • Eating turkey and this and that.
  • Thanksgiving.


  • I have this!
    • I have that!
  • I have so much.
    • So very, very much.
  • Thanksgiving.


  • So many have so little.
    • I have so much.
  • Thanksgiving.


  • Each day, every day.
    • Not just today – everyday
  • Thanksgiving

Originally written;   November 27, 1997

  • I was and am aware there are so many in the United States and the world that have nothing or very little.  I feel guilt that I have so much.  I feel thankful and lucky by some chance I was born to a couple who was poor and grew up with little.  I worked hard and managed my career wisely. I selected a finance manager to keep a close eye on the future.  I did what needed to be done.  Along the way we donated to the appropriate charities and tithed to our church. 
  • Yet, there are so many hands outstretched that I can not provide for.  Each time I mentally say no, a little bit of guilt is left in my mind.  It builds and builds until I stretch and do something.    I have been known to pay for a strangers breakfast or lunch anonymously as I quickly exit the restaurant.
  • Still the thankfulness and quilt stay with me. 

I Stand Before You

  • I stand before you
    • Arms uplifted in humbleness.
  • I stand before you
    • Inept at following.
  • I stand humbled
    • By my own inability to follow.
  • I stand humbled
    • By my own wilfulness to lead.
  • I stand urgent before you
    • With a lesson to learn.
  • I stand pleading
    • To humbly accept help.
  • I stand before you
    • Arms upraised in thanksgiving.

Originally written:  November 16, 1997

  • I am amazed at my wilfulness in trying to do things by myself.    The Good Lord fixed it so I had to depend on others to do heavy lifting.  Then, even small lifting.  Every time I rebelled and tried to do it myself I set myself back. I am humbled and am learning how not try to do it myself.  I am learning to accept help.     All my life I have tried to control situations.  I am learning to be humble and appreciative.