• Give thanks for this and that.
    • Eating turkey and this and that.
  • Thanksgiving.


  • I have this!
    • I have that!
  • I have so much.
    • So very, very much.
  • Thanksgiving.


  • So many have so little.
    • I have so much.
  • Thanksgiving.


  • Each day, every day.
    • Not just today – everyday
  • Thanksgiving

Originally written;   November 27, 1997

  • I was and am aware there are so many in the United States and the world that have nothing or very little.  I feel guilt that I have so much.  I feel thankful and lucky by some chance I was born to a couple who was poor and grew up with little.  I worked hard and managed my career wisely. I selected a finance manager to keep a close eye on the future.  I did what needed to be done.  Along the way we donated to the appropriate charities and tithed to our church. 
  • Yet, there are so many hands outstretched that I can not provide for.  Each time I mentally say no, a little bit of guilt is left in my mind.  It builds and builds until I stretch and do something.    I have been known to pay for a strangers breakfast or lunch anonymously as I quickly exit the restaurant.
  • Still the thankfulness and quilt stay with me. 

One response to “THANKSGIVING!!!

  1. I also feel much the same. As long as we give as we are able and send out blessings for those we cannot, then it is with the hopes that someone just like us will respond and give some of their prosperity.

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