Awake My Love

  • Awake my love.
    • In the first moment of my awakening.
    • I listen to your breathing.
    • I feel you stir and begin to wake.
  • I am delighted you are near.
    • My mind reaches our caressing
    • Thoughts of joy and remembrances past.
  • I eagerly await your awakening.
    • I still my breathing, listening intently.
    • I watch for the eyes to flutter or body stretch.
  • I anticipate our day together.
    • I want to create with you.
    • Memories and my many other things.
  • Awake my love.
    • I await.

Originally written:  12/03/2010

  • Those first moments of morning are so very special.  I watch as you still dream of sugar plums and fairies.  It is a wonderful privilege you have given to me.  It is hard to not to reach out into the space between us and touch you hair.  Moving it out of your face and feeling the softness and smelling the freshness and smell of your shampoo.    The anticipation of the new day invigorates me.  I can hardly stay quiet, stay still not to awake you.  My breath quickens and I breathe deeply.  Then I hear a change in your breathing and see the first stretch of the day.  I see your eyes open and a smile comes to your lips and eyes.  It has been worth waiting for.    A kiss to begin our day.  Thank you for the gift of your love.

2 responses to “Awake My Love

  1. I like this awakening moment. Could we possibly expect each moment with these intense feelings?

  2. Really awesome post! Truely!

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