• The greatest heresy.
    • Materialism.
  • Things are important.
    • Not!
  • Look around.
    • People covet.
  • Coveting things,
    • Yours, mine, and others.
  • Things are important.
    • Not!
  • The disease is insatiable.

Originally written:   November 29, 1997

  • We get wrapped up into keeping up with the neighbors, relatives, friends, TV images.   It is all an illusion.  Be aware of those who covet.  Their next possession could have been yours yesterday.  Materialism, the gathering of possessions is an empty goal.   It never ends. 

One response to “MATERIALISM!

  1. “There are no pockets in a shroud nor shelves in a coffin”

    You can’t take one single material thing with you when you die, however, if you have done some good in this world, helped another, stood up for what is right, well then maybe people will say “I am pleased to have known him/her”

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