Relax My Heart

  • Relax my heart.
    • Calm down.
  • Breathe deep.
    • Breathe slowly.
  • Close your eyes.
    • Concentrate on peaceful things.
  • Observe those near.
    • Enjoy the moment.
  • Share yourself.
    • There is no hurry.
  • There is much to learn.

Originally written;   12/06/1997

  • I wrote this on a day when I was feeling rushed, hurried, and harried.   I wanted to warn myself to relax.   There was and is no reason to hurry.  When I hurry I miss some important learning experiences.  When I am hurried and harried I have a tendency to focus on the end objective and ignoring some noise and distractions along the way.  This tendency can and does “kick-in” at inappropriate times when I do not need to hurry.    It kicks in when I feel stressed and in times when I need to listen more intently.  Not to listen to spouse, children, boss, or authority has provided embarassment, penalties, and even pain to me and those dearest to me.  Whether it is in line at the grocery store standing 3 deep behind carts filled to overflowing or waiting in line to renew license plates at the local Department of Motor Vehicles I have learned got this down pat. I listen intently. I am not so good when I am driving and I have a deadline or an appointment to keep.  I feel stressed and other drivers are the brunt of  my aggressive driving and verbal abuse.  I am a little careful as I do not want to be shot as a result of a road rage incident.    I do not get angry, but frustrated when I make a bad choice of traffic lanes in heavy traffic.  I do not want to say I am typical but I  do have trouble when watching TV sports event or when reading a particularly interesting passage in a book.  At these moments I am still a novice at listening for external interruptions.  Iam totally engrossed in the learning experience of the moment.   
  • I will keep trying to vigilant for my spouse’s voice. I have learned to slow down and focus on the moment.   To be strictly honest I admit to lapses.  This is an ongoing learning experience.   I think it may take until the day I leave this life for another. 

2 responses to “Relax My Heart

  1. Thanks Frank. That helps. I need to relax.

  2. Absolutely true. We are in a fast track world now and everyone is rushed and impatient. Breathing in a little sanity and patience can do some good. Just…..stop……breathe. I like to think of it as finding that empty place in the mind. Great reminders, really nice.

    I do terrible in traffic too. Doesn’t help that I was in a few wrecks (not all my fault) :-/

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